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Show Appreciation For Your Employees and Clients with Gifts that Make an Impact

This season, celebrate your employees and thank your clients with a unique gift from our diverse small businesses. From candles to bags to tasty treats, we have your corporate gifting needs covered. Your purchase supports a dream, family, and community and helps ensure a generation of small business owners survive and thrive. When you shop small, you make a big difference.

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Call Me Caramel

CALL ME CARAMEL-front - Call Me Caramel
S_Earthman_CMC_Promo - Call Me Caramel

Small-batch Cheese Caramels:
4oz box: $20 retail price
2oz box: $10 retail price
Gift pack: $30 retail price

  • These cheese caramels are sweet, savory and umami all at once, they defy both categories of cheese and caramel. Made by folding cheese into caramel during the cooking process, they pair well with cheese boards, melted down over popcorn, or as a savory sweet bite on their own.
  • Personalization available. Bulk discount available. Ships nationally.

Founder: Steve Earthman
Call Me Caramel makes a unique treat: cheese-infused caramels. The brain-child of entrepreneurs Steve Earthman and Jessica Sennett, these caramels were born out of a desire to bring playfulness and creativity into Brooklyn's fine food scene.


We Be Poppin LLC

We Be Poppin LLC

Reese PB Cup Popcorn:
Personal Pail: $35 retail price

  • Delicious creamy peanut combined with smooth milk chocolate and buttery popcorn and experience you won't soon forget!

  • Ships nationally.

Founder: Tamika Regland

We Be Poppin LLC is a gourmet popcorn company with exotic and unique popcorn flavors guarantee to excite your senses and your taste buds.


Teas With Meaning

International Self Care Box
Teas With Meaning-logo
Kamilah Mitchell

International Self Care Box:
Limited Edition
$40 retail price

  • 3 small variety loose leaf teas, brew bags, custom tea light candle, and a medium prepackaged in brew bags tea blend.
  • Personalization available. Bulk discount available. Ships nationally.

Founder: Kamilah Mitchell
Teas With Meaning is an organic handcrafted loose leaf tea blend and tea inspired product company based in Oakland, CA. Each blend is intentionally crafted with various wellness benefits without compromising taste. 


Kobi Co.

Kobi_Logo_main - Kobi & Tasha
Tasha Kobi Headshot  - Kobi & Tasha

#PurpleRain Luxury Candle:
9oz: $30 retail price

  • This best-selling candle is embellished with dried lavender buds, rose hips, and amethyst crystals. Amethyst is known for its protection and purification properties—just like the waters of Lake Minnetonka ;) Comes with a perfectly curated Prince inspired playlist. 

  • Personalization available. Bulk discount available. Ships nationally.

Founders: Tasha Harris & Kobi Gregory

Kobi Co. is a candle company that sits at the intersection of scent, sound and self-care, pairing hand-poured luxury candles with dope playlists to help you set your vibe.They're a mother-daughter duo who believe self care is non-negotiable and help you be your best self.



Light Sparkling Beverage
Halmi Logo 2022 - Hannah Bae
HB - Hannah Bae

Cinnamon, Ginger, Jujube, Persimmon 
Light Sparkling Beverage
12 Pack: $42 retail price

  • A sparkling take on Korea's beloved SuJeongGwa; a sweetened spiced punch that has been brewed for generations to aid digestion and ward off colds. We like to think of our version as a healthier, lighter ginger ale at only 45 calories and 7g of sugar. It's vegan, gluten free, non-alcoholic, free of preservatives, and doesn't contain "natural flavors".
  • Bulk discount of 10% off 10+ orders. FREE national shipping.

Founder: Hannah Bae
Halmi (a loving nickname for grandma in Korean) is a brand of light sparkling beverages inspired by traditional Korean flavors, using real ingredients to spin up unique flavor combinations. 


The Mad Optimist

Mad Optimist-FOUNDERS

Corporate Gift Boxes:
Limited Edition
$15 retail price

  • Our Corporate Gift Boxes includes soap, a lip balm, body spray, and soap saver; all packaged inside our fun and quirky gift box. Can be personalized to include your recipient's name on each bodycare product.
  • Personalization available. Bulk discount available. Ships nationally.

Founders: Mohammed M.,
Mohammed A., and Anthony

The Mad Optimist, a radically different soap and body care company. Products are totally customizable, because we discovered a proprietary method that allows soap to cure in just 24 hours rather than the typical 30 days. Not only that, everything is vegan, halal, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free.


Through My Rare View

Through My Rare View
TMRV Logo_RGB_Stacked - Aisha Daraja
Aisha Daraja

Small and Large abstract tote bags:
Tote Bags: $25-45 retail price 
Fanny Packs: $27.99 retail price 
Pillow Covers: $35.99 retail price 
and more...

  • Custom Afrocentric vibrant travel accessories, handmade in Accra, Ghana by local artisans - many of whom are fellow woman owned businesses themselves.
  • Personalization available. Bulk discount available. Ships nationally.

Founder: Aisha Daraja
Through My Rare View is made for the everyday wanderer looking to fuel their cultural curiosity through vibrant prints. The brand was started by Aisha Daraja as a way to combine her passion for traveling and new found love for her motherland, Accra, Ghana. All travel accessories are handmade using sustainable materials which promotes limited edition finds.


Lura's Kitchen, Inc.

Double Double Premium Chocolate Chip Mix-2
LURAS_InTheMix_Logo - Lura Ball
LuraDanielsBallPerformance - Lura Ball

Lura's Kitchen Double Double Premium Chocolate Chip Mix with Custom Gift Box
$50 price 

  • One Mix each of Tura Lura's Chocolate Chip Pecan – Rich and decadent with Texas Pasa Pecans and Langston’s No-Nonsense Chocolate Chip. 100% real semi-sweet, silky, decadent responsibly sourced chocolate, a mix of Tahitian and Madagascar Vanilla, and American-sourced ingredients. Comes in large custom handmade keepsake box Wrapped in cello.
  • Bulk discount available. Ships nationally.

Founder: Lura Daniels-Ball
Lura's Kitchen, Inc., is a multi-generation family owned California Benefit Corporation that believes in "doing business while doing good." From fifty-plus years of Lura’s “baking ministry,” they now produce a line of three 3-ingredient Premium Gourmet Cookie mixes for home and commercial use.


Zagoda Olive Oil

Zagoda Olive Oil-2
HD Zagoda Logo - Joseph Morales
Joseph Morales

Zagoda Ultra-Premium
Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

500ml: $29.90 retail price 

  • Our award-winning olive oil comes in a sealed dark glass bottle inside a chic white box, mindfully designed for gifting. The olives are hand-picked, pressed and bottled on the same day of harvest, preserving the highest amounts of antioxidants.
  • Bulk discount available. Ships nationally.

Founder: Joseph Morales
Joseph Morales owns a small business based in Michigan that imports award-winning premium extra virgin olive oil from his family farm in southwest Turkey. His main focus is to create a positive awareness about the everyday use of olive oil and to advocate the benefits of a healthy diet.


Hustle & Hope

Hustle&Hope-Logo-Black - Hustle and Hope Cards

WE MAKE IT REIN (Holiday Greeting Card)
$6 retail price 

  • No matter what you celebrate, at the end of the year, you may be crazed with the thought of holiday shopping, decorating your home, and also doing your regular work. As an added gift for your recipient, when you purchase this card, it includes a FREE downloadable guide with practical advice and tips on how to destress and manage all of the holiday madness. Scan the QR code on the back to unlock the free guide with every card!
  • Personalization available. Bulk discount available. Ships nationally.

Founder: Ashley Sutton
Hustle & Hope is the first motivational greeting card company to embed FREE downloadable guides, helping people level up in their career, mindset, and spirit. Each greeting card comes with a relevant guide based on the card you choose, with topics ranging from how to write your resume, interview tips, self-care and more. Simply grab a card, scan the QR code on the back and unlock a free downloadable guide. Founder Ashley Sutton is on a mission to help people through her motivational greeting cards.


Jeany's Caribbean Elixirs

Caribbean Elixirs
Jeanys Caribbean Elixirs-LOGO
Naijean Bernard

Caribe Azul Elixir: $7 retail price 
Caribbean Hot Chocolate: $10 retail price 
Caribbean Spiced Tea: $10 retail price 

  • Caribe Azul - (organic blue spirulina, lime, pineapple, apple). Health benefits - high in protein, copper and B vitamins.
    Caribbean Hot Chocolate - our hot cocoa mix features Grenadian cinnamon, bay leaf, and nutmeg, along with raw, organic cacao. Available unsweetened and vegan.
    Caribbean Hot Spiced Tea - our dry tea mix features Grenadian bay leaf, cinnamon, lemongrass and holy basil.
  • Personalization available. Bulk discount available. Ships nationally.

Founder: Naijean Bernard
Jeany's Caribbean Elixirs (TM) brings you "The Caribbean in a Bottle (TM)! They are a cold-pressed juice company focusing on the vibrant flavors associated with the Caribbean. Simplicity and authenticity were infused in, grandmother, Mama Lyris' juice recipes. She is the inspiration for the brand and the reason that they partner with local farmers in Central Texas to ensure that we have seasonal access to the best produce available.


Pure Joy Coffee

Holiday Coffee and Gratitude Journal
PJC_logo-01 - Chris Diamantakis
Delia + Chris Colombia - Chris Diamantakis

Holiday Coffee and Gratitude Journal
Gift Set:
$50 retail price 

  • Includes 12oz coffee bag, three 2.5oz sampler coffee bags, a small gratitude notebook, coffee candies and a holiday card with a mindful message about the benefits of journaling. Promotes brewing your own cup of coffee at home for a deserved moment of stillness and self-reflection.
  • Ships nationally.

Founders: Delia Visbal and
Chris Diamantakis

Pure Joy Coffee promotes well-being, diversity and specialty coffee experiences that enrich the world. Offering freshly roasted Colombian specialty coffee, coffee education & corporate tastings, retreats to Colombia and eco-friendly products. Delia and Chris share a passion for their Latin culture and a deep love for specialty coffee.


Tiny House Chocolate

5 chocolate bars gift bundle
Tiny House Chocolate-logo
Tiny House Chocolate-founders

5 Chocolate Bars
Gift Bundle:
$39 retail price 

  • Five of their best selling chocolate bars in a reusable Tiny House Chocolate cloth bag. Included: Tanzania 71%, India 67%, Earl Grey Tea 70%, Sarsaparilla Root 68% and Amazon Chai 45%.
  • Bulk discount available. Ships nationally.

Founders: Maiana Lasevicius & Gustavo Hilsdorf
Tiny House Chocolate was born with the purpose of offering the purest chocolate bars and cacao goods. They believe that chocolate is only good when it is sustainable for the environment, for the people behind its production and for our health. Using as few ingredients as possible and more cacao, they're products are vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free.



If you would like to make a purchase please contact JeanMarie DeLuca, Partnerships Manager, at 
for more information.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know, and we can help you source additional products.